Roslyn Perry

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Registrar & Associate Dean of Records at Allegheny College

Position Statement

Greetings to the Nominations and Elections Committee and to the AACRAO Membership,

My name is Roslyn Perry and I am truly humbled to be nominated for the Vice President of Access and Equity Board position. I am very interested in continuing to promote the work of access and equity! It is important, and hard work, embedding and implementing equity and access in our daily work to improve the student experience from prospect to completion. The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) recognizes the importance of access and equity and has identified it as one of our eleven core competencies for our professions. I have extensive experience promoting and implementing equity and access policies, practices, and procedures. This opportunity will allow me to build upon the equity and access work I have conducted as the Group V Access and Equity Coordinator, chair of the Black Caucus and Mentor Services/Member Engagement. 

My work has benefited by my collaborations with the Content Coordinator, and eleven Caucus and Committee chairs in Group V Access and Equity as well as the opportunities that being an active AACRAO member has afforded me including the humbling opportunity to represent the State of Ohio during AACRAO’s Hill Day in Washington, DC. In my current position as the Group V Access and Equity Coordinator, I have experience identifying and promoting programming that improve our members’ professional development in this space. My experience as the Group V Access and Equity Program Coordinator has fueled my passion to continue this work at the Board level! 

Having served AACRAO in the equity and access space has prepared me to lead the efforts to ensure that access and equity continue to be incorporated into AACRAO programs and activities. As Vice President for Access and Equity I will be the leading voice, representing the membership when access and equity issues present. I do not take this position lightly.

In addition, I have been an active presenter, co-presenter, panelist, and round table contributor during AACRAO meetings including: 

  • “Prepping for Promotion, The Journey and Beyond” with Past AACRAO President Brad Myers, in contribution toward the professional growth and mentorship of AACRAO membership.  
  • “The Struggle is Real…Streamlining Services for URM Students. 
  • Current and Emerging Issues in Student Access and Equity
  • “Prepping for Promotion, my Journey”
  • Growing future Registrars
  • Black Women Leaders Managing Work-Life Balance
  • ICYMI:  First Time Attendees’ Information Session, co-presented with Sasha Suzuki
  • First Time Attendee Wrap-Up, co-presented with Sasha Suzuki

I currently serve as the Registrar and Associate Dean of Records at Allegheny College, and my current and previous work environments have allowed me to gain experience working with broad populations of students. I have real work experience, identifying barriers to access and equity as well as real work experience identifying solutions for correcting obstacles to student progression and completion.

I am excited about the upward trajectory of Group V Access and Equity, as we have made great strides identifying, elevating, and addressing important issues in our programming and activities.   Group V is a robust and active group and I look forward to supporting and advocating on their behalf in the future.

As VP for Access and Equity I am interested in improving our community service presence in the cities that host the annual meetings. I will also vigorously identify ways to improve our contribution to historically excluded students in the middle and high schools of our host cities.  I am a firm believer in, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The honor of being nominated and elected as the Vice President of Access and Equity will allow me the privilege of building upon the legacy of the past vice presidents who’ve held this position.  

I am thanking you in advance for your consideration of my nomination for Vice President, Access and Equity.

Sincerely and Humbly Submitted,

Roslyn Perry



Roslyn is the Registrar & Associate Dean of Records at Allegheny College and has been in the higher education profession for over 25 years.  She has been a member of AACRAO since 2007 and has been presenting at AACRAO conferences since 2016.

Roslyn began working as a registrar professional in 2011 when she was hired as the Director of Student Records at the Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  From there, she went on to serve in various registrar-related roles including Assistant Registrar for Academic Records, College Registrar, Manager of Admissions and Records and University Registrar, as well as Associate Registrar for Eligibility and Testing Services at The Ohio State University and Associate Registrar for Student Success at Capital University.

Roslyn earned a BA in Individual and Family Studies from Kent State University, as well as a MEd in Community Health Education from Cleveland State University.

In addition to her duties as Group V Coordinator, she is the former Chair of the BlackCaucus, former vice-chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Chair of the Member Engagement and Outreach Committee, and the former Content Coordinator for Group V.