Rebecca Mathern

Associate Provost and University Registrar at Oregon State University

2020 AACRAO Elections - VP for Leadership and Management Development Candidate

For the past twelve years, I have been grateful to learn from my colleagues in AACRAO. Attending annual meetings has allowed me to learn from other participants during sessions and informal gatherings. This exposure has meant a great deal to me as a professional who is now able to be a contributor. I would not be able to participate in leadership opportunities and contribute to the organization by writing book chapters and re-writing the Registrar CAS standards without that exposure.

The nature of professional organizations is that they are only as strong as we make them, only as valuable as our contributions, and only as lasting as our dedication. As a recipient of such great value from AACRAO, I wish to contribute further to the organization that helped me become a seasoned professional in my work. I constantly am gaining value from the organization and its membership and am learning every day. Frankly, not a week goes by where I do not speak with a colleague that I met through AACRAO; this demonstrates the organization’s importance to me.

The role of Vice President for Leadership and Management Development is of great interest to me because it would be an honor to share AACRAO’s leadership and mentorship opportunities with all members. I want to ensure that the organization communicate with the entire membership about what is has to offer; it would be a pleasure to play a role in helping others as I was helped by the organization. That said, thinking about how AACRAO can continue its outstanding service in emerging ways for a new generation of leaders is critical to our continued growth and relevancy in the future. Our outreach needs to continue to not only the membership we know but also the possible membership that exists in our professional field. This includes thinking about inclusivity as broadly as possible and talking honestly at our annual meetings about how we can continue to grow and change for the better.

I am nowhere near an expert leader and continue to learn every day but I am unafraid to committing to leadership challenges where I can learn and lead at the same time. I am currently finishing my term as PACRAO President and am humbled at how much I have learned as a leader of an organization in a year where difficult decisions such as cancelling annual meetings had to happen. It has been humbling and heartbreaking, but also hopeful as we work to create new traditions for our regional organization where we compel our members to stay engaged with their network of colleagues when they need them most! I would like to continue to learn and lead as a member of the AACRAO Executive Board and in particular as the Vice President for Leadership and Management Development.

In summary, I will list a few of my AACRAO contributions over the past twelve years so that you can see my range of participation in our organization:

  • Presented at AACRAO and/or AACRAO Tech annually

  • Authored several chapters in Curriculum Management

  • Participated in the rewrite of the Registrar CAS Standards on behalf of AACRAO

  • Served on Nominations and Elections in 2017 and 2018 (vice-chair in 2018)