Phil Ollenberg

Photograph of Phil Ollenberg

Associate Registrar, Bow Valley College

AACRAO Elections Position Statement (2024-2025 Nominations & Elections Committee)

As a nominee for the AACRAO Nominations and Elections Committee, I am committed to advancing inclusivity and professional growth. I believe these values are essential for fostering an equitable and representative higher education community. As a Canadian higher ed. professional of queer experience who actively advances LGBTQ and Indigenous rights issues, I bring perspective and experience elevating underrepresented voices. I understand the importance of creating inclusive environments that honor the contributions of all individuals.

I am dedicated to championing diversity in the representation of nominees and candidates. It is crucial that voices of individuals from all backgrounds are heard and given equal opportunities to contribute to AACRAO’s mission. By actively seeking out and promoting a diverse pool of nominees, we create a more inclusive and representative committee that reflects the rich tapestry of our profession.

Additionally, I am passionate about creating space for queer, Indigenous, Black, and other marginalized voices. These communities have been underrepresented and face unique challenges in our sector. I will work to provide platforms for these voices to be heard and included in decision-making. By doing so, we cultivate an equitable environment that embraces the richness of our diverse experiences.

I am committed to creating opportunities for junior professionals to develop their leadership skills. It is essential to invest in the growth of emerging talent and I will actively support mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to empower and uplift junior professionals, ensuring a robust pipeline of future leaders who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to AACRAO.

Finally, I am dedicated to fostering diversity, amplifying marginalized voices, and leveraging my own experience to create a more inclusive and equitable association. I am honored by the opportunity to serve on this committee and contribute to the continued growth and success of AACRAO.