Peggy Bell Hendrickson

headshot of Peggy Bell Hendrickson

Director, Transcript Research

Peggy has presented at NAFSA and AACRAO at state, regional, and national conferences, participated in poster fairs on a variety of topics, co-written ad hoc conference workshops, and presented NAFSA CEP workshops as a NAFSA Trainer Corps member among others. Peggy is a Charter Member of The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) and was the managing editor for the TAICEP Talk Newsletter for its first two years; she remains an active member of the Resources for Members Committee. She has contributed to such publications as the NAFSA Online Guide to Educational Systems around the World, the AACRAO Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE), the NAFSA wRAP-Up Newsletter, the 2010 AACRAO International Guide, the NAFSA Guide to International Student Recruitment, and others. In addition, Peggy has presented on topics such as country updates, international communication, undocumented students, secondary education and freshman admissions, professional development, international transfer credits, researching international institutions and education systems, accreditation, international graduate admissions, electronic verification services, bogus institutions, and more. 

Receiving Digital Documents 

Receiving Digital Documents Part 2