Paul H. Anderson (1936-2022)

Picture of Paul H. Anderson

Associate Dean and University Registrar Emeritus

Paul H. Anderson, Associate Dean and University Registrar Emeritus at Furman University, died on April 19, 2022 of natural causes, in his home. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Bobbi, his sons Paul Andrew Anderson Esq. and his wife Kristina of Aiken, South Carolina, Dr. Sean Anderson of Ithaca, New York and his buddy, granddaughter Kalypso of East Calais, Vermont.

Paul is remembered for his dedicated principles and ability to resolve issues before they became problems along with his good humor and amazing work ethic.  Early in his time at Furman he was proud to work with Joe Williams and the basketball team as the team academic advisor and free-throw guru. He was also proud to be the softball pitcher for the (Furman) Gators, a champion intramural softball team until he was in his mid 50s.  He golfed badly with the Purple and White but loved the camaraderie.  He loved his family first, but sports were up near the top – “Go Phillies!”

Paul illustrious leadership career commenced with his election as President of the  Middle States Association of Admissions Officers and Registrars (MSACRAO 1974-75), Carolinas Association of Admissions Officers and Registrars (CACRAO 1987-88), the Southern States Association of Admissions Officers and Registrars (SACRAO 1990-91), and ultimately President of the American Association of Collegiate Admissions Officers and Registrars (AACRAO 1998-99) where he was instrumental in guiding AACRAO during a turbulent time in the organization. Among the many well-deserved awards included: 1975 MSACRAO Honorary Membership, 1992 CACARO Chris Murphy Award of Excellence, 1999 AACRAO’s prestigious APEX Award for Student Success, 2000 CACRAO Zaire McCoy Honorary Membership, 2001 SACRAO Distinguished Service and Honorary Membership and 2001 AACRAO Honorary Membership.

Paul’s advocacy and commitment to help others is extended by his family’s wishes to direct any honorariums and donations to the World Central Kitchen that provide meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises, most recently Ukraine. To donate in Paul H. Anderson’s name!/donation/checkout