Paige Selman-Boucher

paige selman boucher

Community and Volunteer Manager, Strategy and Planning

Strategy & Planning Division

Paige Selman Boucher is a member of the Impact and Engagement department at AACRAO. She helps foster both digital and in-person engagement around strategic areas of professional development for AACRAO. She oversees several of AACRAO’s virtual engagement opportunities, including the AACRAO Exchange, the Collectives, and Caucus Gatherings, and works to establish, organize and coordinate communities of practice among AACRAO members. She works closely with the member volunteers, such as the Caucuses and Community and Content Facilitators. Paige joined AACRAO staff in 2023. Prior to AACRAO, she worked at The University of Texas at Dallas as the Peer-Led Team Learning Program Coordinator. She received a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration in 2020 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in 2017, both from The University of Kansas. Paige currently works remotely from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys checking out local restaurants, drawing, and running.

Paige's Role at AACRAO

Paige manages member-driven networks. She encourages collaboration throughout the membership empowering AACRAO professionals to leverage resources, professional functions, and personal identities.