Melissa Manuel

University Registrar, NEOM University

On why she joined the Women's Caucus: "Is it failure? Or is it research? I love the idea that failure is only a perception. If an idea or project fails, it is a learning opportunity as now you’re one step closer to finding out what could work. The only failure is in giving up. With this in mind, there is a freedom to test new ideas, show courage and temerity, and above all continue learning.  

My love of learning has made working in higher education an incredible experience. I have been able to translate my own research interests in motivation and organizational behaviour into tangible outcomes for my organizations and the amazing colleagues I work with in higher education. As a leader, I am continually focused on learning the best ways to build collaborative and transparent teams while advocating for equal opportunities and advancement for professional women, and I am honoured to be a member of the AACRAO Women’s Caucus."