Matt Boulos

CEO of Cognomos

Matt Boulos is the founder and CEO of Cognomos, the company that supports the continued development and wide-spread deployment of Course Match in higher education. He is an experienced founder with a track record of creating solutions for the social sector and higher education.

Course Match is a registration platform that uses an algorithm to distribute class schedules based on student preferences. It is the only registration method in production that is simultaneously fair, efficient, and strategy-proof. Its underlying concepts were first developed at Harvard and Carnegie Mellon (in economics and computer science) to find a practical way to improve the process of course enrolment for higher education institutions. The research was adopted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 for the flagship MBA program of its Wharton School.

After this success, the University of Pennsylvania received considerable inbound interest from other academic institutions hoping to deploy the Course Match technology. It chose to form a separate company called Cognomos (in which it maintains an ownership stake) to deploy, support, and develop the product, with the goal of ensuring the long-term stability of Course Match.