Laura Remillard

headshot of Laura Remillard

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, Stanford University

In addition to serving as the Chair of the Women’s Caucus at AACRAO, Laura also serves as the Vice President for Professional Development for the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. She has written and presented on several topics related to women's issues, such as bias, women inequity during the pandemic, and leadership. She has worked in higher education for 11 years and before that worked in publishing as an arts/photo editor, specializing in rights and permissions.

On her involvement with AACRAO's Women's Caucus:
“It is my goal to see the Women’s Caucus become a tight-knit group of women who support each other. This has been a very challenging year, and I want this group to be able to count on each other when the going gets tough, and applaud accomplishments at every moment. I also want to encourage more webinars this year that touch on professional development as well as work/life balance. I look forward to serving as your chair this year!”