Karee Head

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Associate Director, Admissions Operations at the University of Idaho

2020 AACRAO Elections - VP for International Education Candidate

I am honored to be nominated for the Board of Directors Vice President for International Education leadership position. I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving AACRAO.

I was hired as the international admission processor for the University of Idaho in May 2006. Through my position at the University of Idaho, I have been given the opportunity to work with colleagues around the world though organizations like AACRAO, NAFSA: Association for International Educators Member, TAICEP: Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals Member, and AICE: Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. 

Most of my volunteer work with AACRAO has been with the professional activities committees. I have sought out topics for annual meeting sessions, webinars, international training offerings that are needed to be successful in our day-to-day jobs on our campuses.

This volunteer work has enriched my professional life and passion for international education. Starting in 2010, I served as a member for the International Admissions Professional Activities Committee and appointed to Chair in 2011. While serving as Chair, I wanted to get more involved and asked to join the AACRAO Program Committee. I was fortunate enough to serve as Program Committee Coordinator for Group 2: International Education for four years. I had the opportunity to serve on the Annual Meeting Program Committee as Vice Chair in 2018 and served as Chair of the 2019 Annual Meeting. 

I have been awarded several AACRAO awards in recognition of my strong willingness and desire to volunteer. I was awarded the Emerging Leader Award in 2016, Thomas A. Bilger Award in 2019, and most recently the Award for Excellence in International Education in 2020.

If I am elected as a Vice President of International Education and serve on the Board of Directors, I will collaborate with AACRAO membership to fulfill AACRAO’s mission and vision.

Award: Thomas A. Bilger Award
Winner: Karee Head

As the University of Idaho’s International Admissions Specialist and one of its Designated School Officials, Karee stands out as a champion for the greater cause of international education and the opportunity it brings to students, their families, and the institutions that receive them.  From working on international Memoranda of Understanding to staying abreast of the latest SEVIS regulations, making site visits to best understand the needs of our partnerships, and participating in a variety of international recruitment events, she has amassed a significant level of experience and influence in the area of international student enrollment and advising.  In addition, she has a vast knowledge of educational systems and current cultural and political climates across the globe, which brings with it a true appreciation for internationalization and the benefits it provides to all.

While Karee’s passion for international education started with the specific area of international admissions when she began her higher education career, it has grown well beyond this one realm to encompass all aspects of international education and its impact on our world.  She has accomplished this with not only the passion she has always had, but with the continual desire to learn more, share more, and do more to make an impact on the lives of all of our students and citizens. 

When Karee became a member 12 years ago, she jumped headfirst in service to AACRAO. She became a member of the AACRAO’s International Admissions Committee, soon transitioning to Chair. She was appointed as group coordinator for International Education, was vice chair for the program committee for the Orlando Meeting and currently serving as chair of the Program Committee, shouldering the substantial responsibilities with diligence and dedication. Karee has presented sessions and roundtables at both AACRAO and NAFSA conferences.  She also serves on numerous campus and university committees. 

In 2016 Karee received the Emerging Leader Award from AACRAO. Karee’s commitment to higher education, her profession and students is highly recognized. 
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