Julia Pomerenk

University Registrar and AVP for Student Services and Enrollment Management

2020 AACRAO Elections - VP for Leadership and Management Development Candidate

I am honored and pleased to serve as a candidate for the Vice President for Leadership and Management Development position.  My professional experience reflects my passion to engage, encourage and equip colleagues as leaders in our communities.  Currently I support that leadership growth by serving as the Faculty Dean for the PACRAO Leadership Development Institute which enhances the development of a dozen or more diverse, younger colleagues through a year-long cohort program.  Previously, I have served as President and Vice President for Professional Development for PACRAO.  For AACRAO, I have served as Nominations and Elections Chair and in other chair, co-chair, and committee roles.  With 30 years of professional experience and 20 years of experience with AACRAO, PACRAO, and community governing boards, I look forward to the possibility to serve my AACRAO colleagues as VP for Leadership and Management Development--and to continue to engage, encourage, and equip leaders for our communities.