Johnika Dreher

Headshot of Johnika Dreher.

Doctoral Student, Morgan State University

Higher education and, more specifically, enrollment management are beyond moving the needle. Higher education is at a crux where it must redefine business practices that identify a clearly understood value proposition, diversified SEM methodology, personalized marketing, response to high levels of accountability, and evolutionary agility to change. After two decades in higher education, I recognize that I excel when designing and executing initiatives that cultivate collaborative people, culture, and user engagement. Participating in the AACRAO ASCEND Program introduced a framework for me to bridge my intersectional experiences across Academic and Student Affairs to contribute to the transformation of higher education. I define myself as a strategic organizational development practitioner who lives a minimalistic lifestyle and thrives when achieving well-being for others and myself. Johnika currently serves as the Vice Chair of AACRAO State & Regional Relations Committee.