Jessika Harris

Photograph of Jessika Harris

Senior Assistant Registrar, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

AACRAO Elections Position Statement (2024-2025 Nominations & Elections Committee)

I am writing this statement to express my sincere interest in accepting the nomination for the position of the Nominations and Elections Committee. I believe that serving on this committee will allow me to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of our professional organization. I have been an active member of this esteemed association for several years, and I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact it has on our profession. By serving on the Nominations and Elections Committee, I hope to give back to the AACRAO community and contribute to its continued advancement of higher education in my direct community in North Carolina as well as nationally. If elected, my primary goal is to ensure a fair and transparent nominations and elections process. I hope to continue to provide access and equity to candidates from all sizes of institutions as well as school type. I have witnessed the success of this committee through many elections over my time with the organization and truly believe in the importance of maintaining integrity and inclusivity in all aspects of AACRAO's operations. My desire if elected to this position is to work diligently to promote a framework that encourages active participation and lends to diverse perspectives. Additionally, during a time where diversity, equity and inclusion departments and effort appear to be under attack, I hope through my servitude with the committee, I can work collaboratively to promote diversity and representation within our leadership. I recognize the immense value that a diverse range of perspectives and experiences brings to an organization. As a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee, I will actively seek out candidates from various backgrounds and experiences, who are committed to providing insightful dialogue and bring innovation to the profession. I also aim to support candidates through the election process and help them navigate their roles in their new elected positions. I am grateful to be nominated for such an integral role in AACRAO and if selected will commit to the duties and responsibilities assigned to me. Through my service to the Nominations and Elections Committee I hope to remain dedicated to promoting AACRAO's core values and guiding principles.