Jerry Martinez

Photograph of PPAG member Jerry Martinez.

Dean of Enrollment Management and Registrar

Jerry Martinez brings over 25 years of experience in enrollment services to Wharton County Junior College as the first Dean of Enrollment Management and Registrar. This new opportunity will allow Jerry to put into practice all the ideas and experiences that he gained throughout his higher education career.

His strengths are in data analysis and process improvement, and with 4 SIS conversions under his belt, he’s able to help organizations understand gasps, risks, and self-imposed bottlenecks in their processes caused by policies or systems. The challenges institutions face may be the result of narrow interpretations of local/state/federal policies and/or mandates, and Jerry's approach has always been to advocate for the student while also protecting the institution. He considers himself a fierce student advocate. Jerry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Public Affairs from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.