J. Sheldon MacLeod

Photograph of Sheldon MacLeod

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Director of Student Services, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Sheldon MacLeod is an Associate Consultant for AACRAO Consulting. Sheldon serves as the Executive Director for the Council of Articulations and Transfers of New Brunswick (CATNB) successfully moving CATNB from a government departmental council to an autonomous organization engaging 100% of the provinces PSE institutions within critical initiatives focusing on e-transfer of transcripts, prior learning recognition, indigenous student accessibility, and other strategic initiatives.  

Sheldon also serves as Director of Student Services at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John.  As the chief student affairs officer, his team redesigned the service model with a navigator mindset, redeveloped the post-admissions communication and readiness programming, redeveloped health services delivery, redesigned academic coaching for students at high risk, increased retention by 19% within targeted populations, and added a new building to the residence system, with a student satisfaction rating of 93%.

Sheldon has worked with students for over two decades in both private and public institutions, having served as Registrar, Chief Enrolment Officer, and Chief Student Affairs Officer. He is a regionally recognized leader in student affairs and strategic enrolment and has worked on projects with every New Brunswick post-secondary institution, lead joint recruitment and admissions initiatives for the Atlantic regional institutions, and worked with institutions in Manitoba, Ontario, and the United States.   

He is the former two-term President of the Atlantic Association of Registrars and Admissions Officers (AARAO) where he led a strategic overhaul of the association, including the shared recruitment programs, and is the recipient of their 2019 Leadership and Service Award for his contribution to the association and to post-secondary enrolment within Atlantic Canada.  He also owns and leads a consulting firm for not-for-profit organizations and executive leaders of cause-based organizations. 

Sheldon is a prolific speaker in student identity formation and success.  He has been accepted for doctoral studies in student formation and holds a graduate degree focusing on higher educational leadership.   Sheldon was also awarded an honorary doctorate for his work in values-based leadership within higher education.