Erin Mason

Associate Registrar at the University of Connecticut

2020 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Committee Candidate 

I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for a position on the Nominations and Elections Committee. I'd first like to acknowledge the outgoing members, who did a fantastic job over the past year engaging with AACRAO membership. AACRAO, like higher education, is in a time of transition, and it is critical that we continue to create a strong, engaged, representative organization that can provide for its members opportunities that meet our needs.

I've benefitted in so many ways from my affiliation with AACRAO. I’ve stayed informed, learned, lobbied, travelled, presented and made friends from around the country—and the world. AACRAO has been vital to my success, just as I’m sure it (and the state and regional associations) have been to yours.

I'd like to have an opportunity to work on the committee to ensure that all AARAO members can select from a slate of leaders that is representative of the needs and interests of a very diverse, and ever-changing industry. In order to do so, I think it’s important to ensure the information is available and seen-- engaging more of the membership in the voting process and encouraging people to run for leadership positions—so that we can continue the great work that has been done thus far and ensure AACRAO remains connected to the rapidly changing needs of our industry.

Thank you for your consideration.