Erin Michelle Collins

Headshot of Erin Lockett.

Registrar, Pomona college

I have worked in Higher Education for sixteen years.  I began my career working on the front-line, processing applications for admission, and maintaining student records. I am now the Registrar at CalArts, where I focus on student degree progress and completion, and the interpretation and application of institutional policies and procedures. I have gained the ability to think strategically when faced with any given scenario, have a desire to learn and continuously improve, the capacity to stimulate personal and group excellence, and the capability to work with and lead a team. My commitment to the advancement of my profession is proven by my participation in AACRAO's Black Caucus and Women's Caucus, and PACRAO's Leadership Development Institute.  I offer my unique skill set, knowledge, passion, and drive to further the mission of AACRAO by serving on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

I am proud to be a Registrar, and I am happy to be at an institution that (for the most part) understands my roll and the impact I can have at an institution. My path was not linear. I had my oldest child two months before my 19th birthday. I knew what the odds would be, and I worked extremely hard to earn my degrees while working full-time and had three more children along the way. I started my career as an Admissions and Records Technician for Barstow Community College at the Ft. Irwin Campus. It was my first boss, Heather Williams, that told me I would make a good Registrar one day. I held onto that, moved up and on to other colleges and universities. But it wasn’t until I went to my first AACRAO annual meeting and attended the Black Caucus session that I realized that it really could be true. I had never seen other people that looked like me that were Registrars, Directors or Admissions and Records, and AVPs of Admissions.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through AACRAO and PACRAO. I have had official mentors through PACRAO’s Leadership Development Institute, Julia Pomerenk, Marc Booker, and Soraira Urquiza, and unofficial mentors through AACRAO like Jackie Carter. I see what they are doing and how much they care about our community of registrar and admission folk. My mission is to help people reach their purpose and to leave things more beautiful than they were before. I would like to continue to do this as I grow in my career and become more involved in the association.