Dr. Randy Weber

Photograph of Randy Weber

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President, Rogue Community College

President Randy Weber took the leadership reigns of Rogue Community College in July 2022. His focus since then has been on elevating the college’s strengths, supporting his strong faculty and staff and developing postsecondary pathways for residents of the Rogue Valley. He strongly believes his success will be driven by engaging faculty and staff as active collaborators and front-line experts with rich contributions to be cultivated.

President Weber works to inspire his colleagues toward innovative problem-solving – seeking new pathways to: increase student enrollment; ease access; reduce barriers; and ensure high student completion rates for whatever program, course or certificate students pursue. He also prioritizes the creation of strong partnerships with the larger community that lead to higher paying jobs and a stronger regional workforce.

President Weber is guided in his leadership through his significant experience in strategic planning, institutional research, budgeting, facilities, accreditation, enrollment management and student affairs. He is an advocate of ongoing training for faculty and staff in teaching technologies and student engagement strategies. In his leadership role, President Weber inspires his team to put the student experience first when approaching a new idea or solution to a challenge.

As to his journey before RCC, President Weber is a first-generation community college graduate himself, and an alum of the well-respected Aspen Presidential Fellowship Program for Community College Excellence. He received his Doctorate in Education from Baker University in Overland Park, Kansas. He holds both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, and began his education by completing his Associate of Science degree with Barton County Community College in Great Bend, Kansas. Prior to his presidency at RCC, President Weber served in cabinet level positions for 14 years at three distinctly different schools.

President Weber and his wife, Sasha, enjoy mountain and beach hikes with their dog throughout the Rogue Valley and along the Oregon coast. Their adult son lives and works in the city of Denver. They are excited to call Southern Oregon home.