Dr. Kelley Brundage

Photograph of Kelley Brundage

University Registrar at Kansas State University

For the past twenty-five years, I have been blessed with many opportunities and learning moments, especially from my colleagues in AACRAO.  Just like the majority of those in our industry, I did not major in this, nor did I expect to find myself holding the position of University Registrar at some point.  I had a few wonderful mentors and peers who saw something in me and helped me grow and develop by introducing me to our wonderful organization and then allowing me the opportunity to attend a meeting. 

I have a unique insight having worked in various aspects of Enrollment Management – in Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar offices which helped create more of a connection of how all of our work is intertwined.  These experiences and interactions, along with the confidence of my direct leadership helped my passion grow.  Not just from attending the annual meetings, or serving on a committee but being given the opportunity to use my own skills and knowledge by stepping up to help as a committee chair, PAC Coordinator and then ultimately helping to plan as the Chair our first ever Virtual Annual meeting {2021}. 

And I am not done, I continue my service with additional committees and wherever else I am called.  I want to continue that service and wish to continue contributing to the future of our professions.  I want to see us all become 22nd-century leaders, not just supporting the 21st century but for us to work beyond anything we will see in our lifetime.  There is so much great work we are doing, out-of-the-box thinking, and new ways to move our paths in a better direction. 

The role of Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management is definitely one that fits well in my experience and expertise.  The world of the Registrar and how we engage with and support not only the academic record but all of the additional technology and services that come with the landscape of a student record.  It would be an honor to share the expertise and knowledge I have gained from my own career path but also from my colleagues throughout AACRAO.  Pulling in from all corners of the profession, not just the world of the registrar on this topic and how all of our membership (2-year, 4-year, private, public, professional, etc..) adapt and navigate the support needs in the post-secondary educational landscape.

I am definitely not a sole expert on this topic but I know how to research, communicate and collaborate.  I learn something new every day – have for my twenty-five years in higher education and am unwavering in my commitment to moving the needle in doing more for our profession.  I know that there are also other excellent candidates that may be nominated for this role as well and would be humbled and honored to be selected as a candidate for election.