Deedre Daniel

Deedra Daniel 2022 Leadership Speaker Circular Crop

Founder of The Big Fat Tip and The Interesting Conversations Company®

Deedre Daniel wanted a more exciting life, and she knew she needed to be more interesting to get it. She changed her life by becoming the founder of two businesses: The Big Fat Tip, 501(c)(3), and The Interesting Conversations Company®. Deedre is on a mission to push positivity into the world and help people think creatively, LAUGH, and build stronger bonds with others. Being in a rut feels like being stuck in a vat of peanut butter, and she expertly shows you how to set yourself free.  

Before starting these organizations, she spent nearly two decades at GEICO, where she rose through the ranks from call center sales associate to head of the Affinity Marketing division. Her division was responsible for the relationship management of 800 corporate partners, which generated over $6 Billion a year in written auto premium. (No, she didn't get a commission on that.) For 11 years, the primary function of her job was a paid professional schmoozer - attending multiple networking events nearly every week for those organizations. Most people struggled to connect at these gatherings, and she had to find an effective way to create memorable moments with potential customers. After a decade of turning boring conversations into fascinating ones, Deedre was inspired to create a keynote and training course called, How to be More Interesting Than a Cell Phone®. She invented The Very Interesting Game™ to accompany it, which she turned into an online game show when COVID-19 demolished her newly-launched speaking business.  

Every week, she writes new game cards for virtual game shows for various themes. She often weaves corporate facts seamlessly into the game for sponsors, a unique way for customers to interact with brands. Deedre has a book coming out this year, an app in development, and a new "Very Interesting Person" certificate program. Her husband, Rob, and their dog, Spartacus, live in Lakeland, Florida, with her active imagination.