David Fulmer

AVP Academic Records/Registrar at Georgia Military College

2020 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Committee Candidate

I have served for the past three decades in the higher education profession. My roles have included serving as the director of admissions for a graduate school, the director of an institution's one-stop shop for graduate and correspondence/online students and the registrar's office. In my current position as AVP of Academic Records/Registrar I oversee policy and procedure for both admissions and the registrar's offices throughout our 15 campuses.

Over my tenure in higher education I have seen a decline in the amount of participation when it comes to voting for officers in our professional organizations. I would like as much as possible to aid in the process of getting the word out and encouraging the membership to partake in this process. Now more than ever our colleagues need to partcipate in professional development and be directed by competent and professional leaders.