Dave Stones

Photograph of Dave Stones.

Dave Stones has over 35 years of higher education experience. He spent 35 years at UT Austin, including four as an undergraduate and six while teaching math while in graduate school, and 21 years managing the homegrown student information software systems while on the senior staff of registrar and admissions. Mr. Stones spent another 12 years as registrar at Southwestern University, followed by two post-retirement stints as interim director of institutional research.   

He served as SACRAO President in 1992-93, TACRAO President 2009-10, and conference coordinator for MODS ’84, MOSIS ’97, TACRAO ’06, and the first two AACRAO Technology Conferences in 2003 and 2004. Mr. Stones was a part of establishing electronic transcripts and was a member of the initial AACRAO SPEEDE Committee 1988-94, and oversaw the development and first five years of operation of the free UT Austin Server, which has now delivered  over 15 million transcripts and over 58 million total transactions. Mr. Stones wrote the first UT Austin transcript print program in 1977, and moved Southwestern away from gummed label gym registration in 2005. In 2013, he received honorary membership in TACRAO, SACRAO and AACRAO, plus the UT Austin Arno Nowotny Medal for Student Service, and the Southwestern University Mundy Award for Service. He also spent many years as an adult leader for Boy Scouts.