Cassandra Moore

headshot of Cassandra Moore

Director of Admissions and Enrollment Development, Anne Arundel Community College

Greetings Higher Education Warriors!

It is an honor to be nominated as President-elect for the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). It has been a privilege to represent you on the AACRAO Board of Directors as the Vice President of Access and Equity! Thank you!

I am highly engaged with members representing their institutions, Board members, the AACRAO Executive Director and their highly capable staff, while maintaining a pulse on national, state, and local issues and challenges that affect our members.

As an AACRAO Board member, I have sought to elevate the voices of the committee members in my portfolio and understand that these committees are representative of your professions, including registrars, admissions, financial aid, technologists, and enrollment management.

I am concerned that AACRAO nurtures and promotes the professional development of members who have less than five years in our professions, while continual professional development is also required for those who have served longer and are leaders in our institutions. We must also identify multiple channels and formats for delivering professional development content in a manner that meets the needs of our members.

At the heart of AACRAO is professional development. AACRAO serves as a beacon and safe place for examining our policies, practices, procedures, and attitudes. AACRAO is a member-led organization, and we are positioned to meet the next challenges that present and allow our member institutions to thrive. This is exciting and what motivates me to want to serve and lead!

My work in higher education has been my passion! My first visual of higher education is an open door with a welcome sign. My second visual of higher education is the octopus. Our tentacles reflect our outreach to a broad spectrum of people and collaborations with colleagues who provide the necessary services to promote their successful progress to completion. I began my higher education career on a military base managing a one-stop shop for soldiers seeking to improve their opportunity for advancement. I have worked closely with colleagues, community members, and institutions committed to college access to identify, evaluate, and implement policy and programming related to accessibility, processes, and barriers that may impact entry, engagement, persistence, and college completion. My life’s work and focus on access include first-generation college students, adult learners, males, and historically excluded minorities, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, two-spirit, and asexual students, and students with disabilities, seen and unseen. My passion is first-generation college students!

In my heart, I know that our members are focused on being their best personal and professional selves. Let’s work together to advance our knowledge and support the interests of people working in our professions while establishing meaningful and long-lasting personal and professional friendships to build a stronger higher education community.