Brittany Brown

Photo of Brittany Brown

Associate Director, IT, and Business Operations

Operations Division

Brittany Brown is the Associate Director of IT and Business Operations at AACRAO.  She is in her final semester of graduate school at American University pursuing her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in state and local government and public financial management.  She began her journey with AACRAO in the membership division before joining the IT team where she brings her passion for higher education and her dedication to serving others.  Brittany is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in technology and education, and is eager to contribute to AACRAO’s efforts to create more equitable and inclusive higher education systems through her work with the Accessibility Taskforce.

Brittany's Role at AACRAO

Brittany helps manage the Association's IT systems.  She evaluates business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions for each department.