Brenda Selman

Photograph of Brenda Selman

Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar at University of Missouri-Columbia

Serving on the AACRAO Board has been an interest of mine for some time as I love my AACRAO colleagues and enjoy working with them to learn and grow together. I am ready to take the next step after having served on various committees as members and as chair, given sessions at the annual meeting for many years, served on special ad hoc committees, participated in Hill Day and attended Tech and Transfer where I presented as well. After more than 35 years in admissions, registrar and enrollment management work, I believe that I can be a contributing Board member to help continue to move AACRAO forward in serving its members, especially as we prepare for a new era of severely declining high school graduates in parts of the country and deal with new pressures upon higher education, such as loss of staff, continued financial challenges, and growing expectations of what it means to have attained various levels of higher education.  

I believe that my experience in working within my state dealing with government officials and helping shape and deliver new processes to meet legislative expectations will be of benefit in working on the Board and with the various committee assignments.  These experiences helped me build a better knowledge of different types of institutions, their needs and what it takes to work to develop good policy when "one size" doesn't fit all easily or even at all!

I'm particularly interested in the area of enrollment and student success. In my role as Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management I am aware of many of the emerging challenges faced in the areas of admissions and enrollment management in particular.  As chair of the AACRAO Enrollment Management and Retention Committee that helps recruit and select presenters for the annual conference, I have stayed abreast of the issues that interest our members ensuring we bring sessions that help them learn. I would welcome and be honored to have the opportunity to expand upon that service as an AACRAO Board Member.