Brenda Selman

Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar, University of Missouri-Columbia

Brenda Selman serves as the Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and the University Registrar for the University of Missouri, in Columbia (a.k.a. Mizzou!) Her entire career has been in higher education, primarily in admissions, registration and enrollment management.  During her 20 plus year tenure at the Mizzou she has focused on continued improvement in service to the campus community, leading the implementation of the student information system, moving services to online delivery, streamlining policies and removing barriers in processes to enhance student retention and success.  She is currently leading contributor to campus efforts related to Alternative Digital Credentials and a new degree audit and planning system. Brenda’s portfolio includes the MU Student Veterans Center and the MU Student Information System, as well as the Office of the University Registrar. Prior to working at the MU, Brenda worked in a variety of roles at the University of Kansas including Assistant Director of Admissions and Associate Registrar.

Brenda has been active in AACRAO for over 30 years.  She is currently serving on the Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management. She formerly held the positions of chair of the Enrollment Management and Student Success and Federal Compliance Committee committees.  She’s participated in Hill Day, served as a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee, and the AACRAO Student Identity Workgroup as well as the Comprehensive Learner Record AACRAO/NASPA and a regular presenter at the Annual Conference.

Brenda is a member of MACRAO (Missouri) and held numerous leadership positions including President, Treasurer, Vice President for Government Relations and various committee chairs.  She is also an honorary member of KACRAO (Kansas) where she was Vice President for Records and Registration, and chaired a variety of committees.

AACRAO Role: Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management - Board of Directors