Allen Ezell

Photo of Allen Ezell wearing a suit and red floral tie while holding a ceramic mug.

Special Agent (retired), Federal Bureau of Investigation

Allen Ezell is a retired FBI agent who specialized in education fraud. He first worked at the Bureau headquarters as a clerical employee, before serving as a Special Agent from 1967 to his retirement in 1991. He was assigned to white collar crime cases, handling any violation of federal law that had an accounting aspect. Beginning in 1980, he specialized in education fraud. Between 1991 and 2010, Allen was the Vice President, Corporate Fraud Investigative Service (formerly Special Investigations Unit) for the Wachovia Corporation in Tampa, Florida. At Wachovia, he conducted internal and external investigations regarding all aspects of bank fraud, including embezzlement and loan fraud.

Allen has also presented numerous sessions at AACRAO meetings through the years, with his first presentation at the 1984 AACRAO Annual Meeting in Denver.  Allen was one of the key speakers at the 2016 AACRAO Senior Leadership Symposium in Leesburg, Virginia. He is co-author with John Bear of Degree Mills: The Billion-Dollar Industry That Has Sold Over a Million Fake Diplomas. Allen has also authored and contributed to a number of AACRAO publications, including Accreditation Mills, Counterfeit Diplomas and Transcripts, a case study chapter in the 2016 International Guide, and a three-part series on diploma mills in College & University.

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