Alex Lojko

alex lojko portrait

Director, Membership and Operations

Operations Division

Alex began working at AACRAO as an intern in the Membership department in 2015, moving to a full-time position in 2017. After gaining experience in every position in the Membership Department, he began his current position as Director, Membership and Operations in 2022. He received a Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs in 2017 and a Master's Degree in European and Eurasian Studies in 2021, both from The George Washington University. Alex is originally from Connecticut, but now lives in Maryland with his wife and two cats. He loves cooking and trying new dishes with his friends and family.

Alex's Role at AACRAO

Alex oversees the Membership and Operations team and coordinates the retention of over 11,000 existing members, the recruitment of new members, as well as drafting membership policy to align with AACRAO's strategic plan.