Alex Kaplan

headshot of Alex Kaplan

Global Leader, Blockchain and AI for Industry Credentials, IBM

Alex Kaplan leads IBM’s global work on the application of emerging technologies as an enabler of lifelong learning pathways and talent transformation. This work encompasses leading IBM’s learning and industry credentials blockchain initiative. As well as work with the US Department of Commerce and the White House on Learning and Education Records. Previously, Alex worked closely with the IBM teams that created Personalized Learning on Cloud, Watson Classroom, and Watson Tutor. Alex has closely collaborated with leading organizations in industry and education, including the White House, US Dept of Education, Apple, Pearson, and Sesame Workshop. He speaks frequently on the topic of the transformational potential of advanced technologies on learning and talent.  Alex has spoken at; both the Harvard and Columbia Graduate Schools of Education, the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the Getty Foundation, IBM Research, Blockchain Revolution conference, the National Institute of Standards, and many others.

 Alex is the Global Leader, Blockchain and AI for industry credentials in IBM’s Talent & Transformation practice. He is also a Member of the IBM Industry Academy and serves on the board of directors of the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

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