Experience You (XpU)


The goal of the Experience You project (XpU) is to create a nonproprietary means to create structured and machine-readable data from PDF transcripts. The targeted data standard for the converted output will be CLRs and rendered in the 1EdTech Comprehensive Learner Record (v2) standard. 

AACRAO is participating in the project by providing student record expertise in the interpretation of the student record transcript and formed the XpU Advisory Committee to perform these tasks. We know the project will require a plethora of record samples from a variety of institutions in order to be successful.

If you have a sample transcript either on a website or as a PDF, send us the link and/or the PDF? We will aggregate and compile them. Please upload your sample directly below, or feel free to email it to mcconahaym@aacrao.org

We have great hope that this project will lead to an easier path for all higher ed institutions to participate in an interoperable, safe, and trusted digital credential world.

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