AACRAO Community FAQ


AACRAO members receive exclusive member benefits accessible only by login. Logging into the AACRAO Community allows you to:

  • edit your profile,
  • access the Member Directory, AACRAO Transcript, and SEMQ
  • vote for AACRAO Leadership,
  • register for AACRAO meetings, trainings, webinars, and workshops,
  • and so much more...
Institutional Members

Your username is your membership email address. If you need to reset your password, email AACRAO Membership or call (202) 355-1042.

Corporate Partners

Your username is your membership email address. If you need to reset your password, email Corporate Membership or call 202-263-0286.

FAQ: AACRAO Community Login

  • Q. How do I login?


    AACRAOCommunityLoginPortalUsing the ACCESS button above or going to community.aacrao.org, will bring you to the portal featured to the left. Your username is your membership email address. If you need to reset your password:

    •  First, click "Forgot your Password."

    • Next, type the email address associated with your account

    • Finally, you should receive a "Password Reset" email in the inbox you provided in the previous step. Follow the instructions provided in that email to finish resetting your password.

    • Still having issues? Please contact the AACRAO Membership for assistance.

  • Q. Should I be receiving AACRAO emails from Salesforce?


    Yes, our new membership system is based in Salesforce. Consequently, you may see the name in our links and/or emails.


  • Q. I logged in. Now, a Third-Party is asking to access my information. Is this legitimate?


    ThirdPartyAccessDo not be alarmed, if you received the message featured to the left. Yes, it is legitimate. It is also a one-time ask. The message is simply asking to connect your member account to your website login or meeting registration thus syncing your credentials from the new membership system.





  • Q. How do I make changes to my membership?


    Updates to your member roster can be made by filling out a Data Correction Form and emailing it to AACRAO Membership or faxing it to (202) 872-8857.


  • Q. Why is login required?


    Your membership includes benefits like the AACRAO Exchange, Higher Education Policy DatabaseSEMQ, and AACRAO Transcript. These essential resources are exclusive to AACRAO members. We'll alert you via email when new editions are ready. Come to the website, log in, and access your benefits. Keeping our member benefits accessible by members only allows us to better serve you.


FAQ: Accessing On-Demand Learning

  • Q. What is the difference between On-Demand and Instructor-Led courses?

    Instructor-led courses are pre-scheduled 4 week courses with faculty members and other students interacting with each other on a weekly basis in topic-based discussion forums and quizzes/assignments. Successful completion awards a certificate of completion.

    On-Demand courses are shorter, more focused learning experiences you can start and finish within a day. They can be taken at any time and currently offer digital badges for successful completion.

  • Q. How do I register?

    You can register for any course in the courses section of the AACRAO store. Courses are sub-divided into instructor-led and on-demand courses and upon successful payment, you will receive an email with your receipt and access instructions.

  • Q. Once I purchase the course, how do I access it?

    For on-demand courses, you can use the access instructions provided in your confirmation email, you can go to the course directly through www.pathlms.com/aacrao, or you can login to your community account at community.aacrao.org and click on the ‘Courses->On-Demand courses’ button at the top right of your community dashboard.

    For instructor-led courses, you can use the access instructions provided in your confirmation email, you can go to the course directly through community.aacrao.org/s/lms, or you can login to your community account at community.aacrao.org and click on the ‘Courses->Instructor-led courses’ button at the top right of your community dashboard. Note that access will not be given until 2 weeks before the scheduled start date of the course.

  • Q. How do I receive my badge for passing the final assessment?

    For on-demand courses, once you pass the final assessment and exit the course, you’ll receive a message from The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers via Credly. Within that message is a button instructing you to Accept Your Badge which you must click.

    If you have not previously used this system, you will be asked to confirm your email address and create an account with Credly, the Badge. Afterwards (or if you have a Credly or Acclaim account already) the badge will be added to your dashboard. You must click on it to see the badge page. From there, you can click the Accept Badge in the upper right hand corner. You may decide to make the badge public or not.

    The badge is tied to you, not your institution. If you leave your institution, you will still be able to reference this badge and share it. The site contains instructions on how to share your badge on social media or with supervisors.

  • Q. Does my course expire?

    For on-demand courses, the course will only be accessible for a finite amount of time, which may be as little as two days or as much as a year. The course description and commerce page will specify the amount of time you have to complete the course from your date of purchase.

    For instructor-led courses, your course access begins 2 weeks prior to the start dates, but even after the course ends you may access course materials and forums discussion for up to a year following the course end. Note that faculty will not interact through the course once the course has reached its scheduled conclusion, however.

  • Q. What is the refund policy?

    For on-demand courses, you may seek a full refund so long as you do not access the course and you ask for the refund before your access expires.

    For instructor-led courses, you may seek a full refund through the end of the orientation period which is typically three days into the first week of the course. Beyond that, partial refunds are available until the end of the first week, after which no refund may be granted.

  • Q. How do I register someone else or an entire group?

    Ideally, each individual would register themselves since course access and completion data is tied to their accounts. If you must register anther individual or group, please contact courses@aacrao.org to determine the best way to proceed.

  • Q. Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

    Please email courses@aacrao.org and a member of the Content and Curriculum team will assist you.

FAQ: Accessing the Higher Ed Policy Central Database

  • Q. How do I access the database?
    • Navigate to www.aacrao.org/PolicyDatabase
    • Click on the "Enter the Database" button
    • If you are not logged in, you will be pushed to the AACRAO Community login page to sign in.
    • If you are logged in and if you're an AACRAO Institutional member, you will be forwarded to the Higher Ed Policy Database

    If you are not an institutional member, you will not be granted access.

  • Q. I'm navigating to www.higheredpolicycentral.com but cannot access the database. Can you help?

    To access the database, you must enter through the AACRAO website to confirm your credentials. Any user trying to navigate directly to www.higheredpolicycentral.com without first logging into the AACRAO Community portal will automatically be forwarded to www.collegesource.com/higheredpolicycentral.

  • Q. I am an AACRAO institutional member and already logged into the website but I can’t get into the database. What's going on?

    We’ve noticed since the launch of the database that Microsoft EDGE and Chrome browsers are the most compatible whereas Firefox has been experiencing some issues. If you are using Firefox, please try using a different browser. We are currently working on correcting this access issue.

  • Q. Why is my institution's policy not listed?

    Thank you for bringing this to our attendtion. We are expanding the database daily.

    screenshot of higher education policy database help message

    When a you search for an institution and do not find any data or missing policies, there is a message encouraging you to use the Help button. Complete the form to work with CollegeSource to either submit your policy or request another institution's policy.