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Getting Students to the Finish Line: University of Memphis and Saylor Academy Help Completers with their Last Mile

July 22, 2020

Free Webinar | 2:00-3:00 pm ET

The award-winning Finish Line program at University of Memphis has helped over 700 stopped-out students to return and earn their degrees. The national average degree completion rate is about 50-60%, leading to an estimated 36-50 million adults with some college, and no degree. To serve this population is in the best interest of economic/workforce competitiveness and the viability of higher education, however, stopped-out students, and adults in general, have specific needs. How do we ensure we serve these students well, and meet them where they are?

The University of Memphis uses alternative credit providers, such as Saylor Academy, to help support these learners in a flexible way. During this webinar, University of Memphis and Saylor will address lessons learned, successes, and the benefits of partnership.

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Photograph of Tina DeNeen

Dr. Tina DeNeen

Associate Executive Director, AACRAO


headshot of Jackie Arnold

Jackie Arnold

Director of Strategic Relationships, Saylor Academy

Tracy Robinson

Director of Academic Innovations, University of Memphis