Admissions & Recruitment

Modernizing Communication Strategy to Transform Student Engagement

April 20, 2022

Free Webinar | 2:00-3:00 pm ET

To ensure long-term financial sustainability, institutions must grow enrollment and improve the persistence of those students. But how can institutions achieve that objective in an increasingly competitive landscape with so many options and priorities competing for the mindshare and attention of prospective and enrolled students?

A panel from Mid-Plains Community College will discuss how modernizing their communications strategy transformed how they engaged with students. Using new technology enabled the college to send personalized communications, scale its efforts through automation, and lessen the administrative burden on staff so they could focus their efforts on learners. As a result, the college improved its ability to capture the attention of and cultivate relationships with prospects and students—two key areas that can drive student enrollment, persistence, and success.


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Photo of Michelle Way.

Michelle Way

Senior Product Manager, Jenzabar

Photo of Bobbi Muehlenkamp.

Bobbi Muehlenkamp

Area Director of the Learning Commons, Mid-Plains Community College

Photo of Mindy Hope.

Mindy Hope

Director of Recruiting & Admissions, Mid-Plains Community College

Professional photograph of member Erin Sis.

Erin Sis

Recruiter, Mid-Plains Community College