Admissions & Recruitment

The Enrollment Growth Pivot

February 22, 2022

Free Webinar | 2:00-3:00 pm ET

Recruiting students can be expensive. And how do you know what works?

A common approach is to buy a list of names of prospective students and then send them information about why they should choose your school. Sound familiar? Another approach is to try to get prospects to fill out an inquiry form to get more information. That’s great when it works. But how do you know what is working the best?

Join us as we look deeper into the recruitment funnel at the key metric that can completely revolutionize how you evaluate your admissions marketing and recruitment efforts. You will see how you can use the same approach that the largest and fastest-growing schools use; it's much easier than you realize.



Headshot of Josh Dodson.

Josh Dodson

Vice President of Innovation, VisionPoint