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Changes in federal statute and executive actions have greatly promoted the expansion of services toward veterans and their families. Since the Post-9/11 GI Bill was passed in 2009, close to 1 million veterans, service members, and eligible dependents have taken advantage of the educational benefits available to them.

With the passage of the The Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, also known as the “Forever GI Bill” in 2017, there will be significant changes to Veterans education benefits over the coming years. Most changes enhance or expand education benefits for Veterans, servicemembers, families, and survivors.

Furthermore, AACRAO established a short-term work group charged with assessing the feasibility of aligning the veterans reporting process with existing enrollment and compliance reporting business processes. The workgroup will also identify issues, requirements, and potential changes to Student Information Systems to facilitate improvements in veterans reporting. Lastly, the workgroup will develop protocols for data collection and reporting using existing tools, as well as anticipating the future state of the reporting process.

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Veterans Compliance Reporting ReEngineering Project

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  • Joe Rasmussen (Chair) Veterans Service Coordinator, UW-Madison
  • Bhavesh Bambhroia University Registrar, Temple University
  • Emily Barrier University of Maryland University College
  • Kimberly Bloodgood Director, Office for Veterans and Military Personnel, IUPUI
  • Cori Cashen Associate Registrar, University of Arizona
  • Amy Gleason Assistant Registrar for Compliance, Duke University
  • Tina Hummons Associate Registrar Operations, Sinclair Community College
  • Bridgette Ingram Director, Student Financial Assistance, Texas A&M
  • David Johnson Senior Associate Registrar, University of Iowa
  • George Levanthes Vice President, National Student Clearing House
  • Audra McQuarie Vice President and Registrar, University of Phoenix
  • Dustin Noll Veterans Service Coordinator, UW-Madison
  • Jackie Swensen St. Olaf College
  • Christina Wojtysiak Senior Reporting Specialist, University of Notre Dame


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