Why Institutional CRM Needs to Become the New Normal

May 25, 2022

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Almost all higher education institutions are struggling to embrace digital transformation. It is important to know that while the student experience is our NUMBER ONE priority, we often have difficulty provisioning the centralized services that are the backbone of a consistent, tailored, and personalized student experience. Data fragmentation, siloed processes, and duplication of solutions are obstacles that must be cleared from our path if we want to continue to move towards the goal of providing an excellent student experience.

It took a long time for institutions to understand the value of adopting CRM solutions and longer still to implement those solutions. CRM is the foundation that captures and manages the data required to provide better recruiting, admissions, advising, and other processes that are the basis of the student experience. Many institutions are currently struggling to operate multiple CRM solutions, each of which serves a different faculty or departmental requirement, with many institutions having ten or more separate and siloed CRM solutions. We believe that it is time to reverse this trend and move to consolidate CRMs so that we can accelerate Digital Transformation. The time is here to change the institutional mindset; let’s work towards minimizing the population of CRM solutions in our environments and integrate those that we have into an institutional CRM solution that fulfills the role of an Institutional Student Data Platform.




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