Getting Everyone Behind SEM Efforts: Teamwork and Collaboration

September 12, 2019

Free webinar |  | 2-3 PM ET

Building and sustaining a healthy enrollment means finding, enrolling, educating and graduating the right students for your institution.  No one person or office can do it alone, although each has to play its part in institutional and student success.  We hear catch phrases like “Enrollment (or retention) is everyone’s job” but how does that become a reality?  What is the role of the enrollment manager in creating structures and an environment where people can see themselves as part of an institution-wide SEM effort?

Listen to three longtime SEM experts talk about how they have built strong teams and created institutional buy-in for the hard work of enrollment leading to student success.  The panelists have experience in two-year, four-year and Canadian higher education environments and have worked with numerous institutions to help them organize SEM teams and to increase institutional participation in SEM.

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Jody Gordon 2013

Jody Gordon

Senior Consultant

C Kerlin picture

Christine Kerlin

Senior Consultant

Brent Gage Feb 2016Brent Gage

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
University of Iowa

tom-green-1-w400Tom Green

Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM

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