The Core Concepts of SEM (AACRAO On the Road)

March 15, 2019
Florida International University, Miami

Friday, March 15, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Fee $139

This interactive workshop allows participants to dialogue with colleagues and discuss questions and issues with workshop faculty. You will learn how to develop, write, and implement a SEM Plan focusing on the following critical components:

  • SEM Plan Table of Contents: A detailed review of what a SEM plan entails
  • SEM Organizational Structures: How to organize for SEM and foster faculty and campus-wide buy-in to SEM
  • Implementing SEM: Pitfalls and best practices

BONUS: Participants will also receive a complimentary copy of SEM Core Concepts: Building Blocks for Institutional and Student Success.

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Michele Sandlin

Managing Consultant, AACRAO Consulting

Tom Greengimp

Dr. Tom Green

Associate Executive Director, AACRAO