Seeking volunteers for the SEM Quarterly Journal Editorial Board

February 18, 2019
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AACRAO is seeking volunteers for the Editorial Board of SEM Quarterly Journal.
The SEMQ Board
The SEMQ Editorial Board consists of representatives from all sectors of higher education. It strives to represent the diversity of viewpoints represented by experience with and expertise in various institutional types, settings and the perspectives brought to higher education by diverse backgrounds. Due to the level of research required for publication, board members must hold an earned doctoral degree. The board meets yearly at the AACRAO SEM Conference.
At the request of SEMQ editors, members of the Editorial Board review articles submitted to the journal, considering the appropriateness of the article for AACRAO's membership, the usefulness of the information, the nature and logic of the research methodology, clarity, and the style of presentation. Each member of the editorial board is asked to review one to two articles each issue, or a total of four to five articles per year.
In addition to reviewing articles, board members are required to author/co-author and submit one SEMQ manuscript during each three-year term. Occasionally, board members are asked to assist with AACRAO Annual Meeting or SEM Conference sessions geared toward promoting the journal and encouraging research and writing in the field.
Members of the review board commit to serving one three-year term, with the option of serving a second term.
To indicate your interest, please complete the online form by March 5, 2019. For additional questions, please contact SEMQ’s Managing Editor.