Jill Rodgers Lash

Photograph of Jill Rodgers Lash.

Associate University Registrar at University of the Pacific

Over the last five years, actively engaging in AACRAO, the organization that supports the development of our entire profession, has been fulfilling and rewarding. At the 2022 conference, I chaired the Graduate and Professional Schools Committee and presented on telecommuting. I also volunteered at the Portland Booth and at the First-Time Attendee Session. In previous years, I have presented on social justice in our everyday jobs, negotiation skills, curriculum and more. I’ve also spoken on a social justice focused panel and worked to begin a social justice listserv. I love giving back and offering my service, and am eager to continue doing so in new ways.

I am applying to be on the Nominations & Elections Committee to continue moving our profession and organization forward. This opportunity will allow me to share the light of some of our stars with the larger community. I greatly admire our brave leaders and appreciate the opportunity to highlight them and to speak with the community at large around new initiatives and innovative ideas.

If elected, I would encourage our membership to use our collective voting power. As an AACRAO member, I know that I am more likely to vote when I have a connection to candidates. With that in mind, I would be excited to help introduce colleagues, and investigate how the N & E committee might have an exponential impact in this effort. If elected, I would also like to share information about the N & E experience broadly by writing an article, and perhaps holding a session at a future annual meeting. These outreaches would highlight different leadership positions and how folx, new to AACRAO, and longtime members might get involved.

My perspective comes from working at a private institution where many of the students my office serves, study in the health professions. I strongly value the support and experiences I have gained through AACRAO in the Graduate and Professional Schools Committee, attending some AAPI Caucus meetings and events, and other formal and informal AACRAO groups. My goal is to provide the same and more to all of my admissions and registrar colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration!