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Which transfer student support services are you missing?

Whether one calls it transfer, swirl, mobility, or some new, yet-to-be-seen nomenclature, the concept of students attending multiple institutions, whether simultaneously or for different periods, is no longer new. John Gardner referred to collegiate student transfer as “the new normal” in 2012 and AACRAO held its first transfer conference four years before that. Moreover, with 33% of all undergraduates transferring at least one time during their academic career (NSC 2012), why do institutions still struggle to court, let alone support, this population?

Holistic admissions expands options during (and after) COVID

As the world is coping and trying to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities are expanding their current admissions approach by adding holistic measures that present a more “whole” view of who a student is and their ability to succeed. “Holistic admissions” as a term has been around for 20 years, with various definitions as to what additional aspects are being considered in order to provide a more “whole” view of a student.

What, exactly, does a registrar do?

Registrars are often called the “hub” or “heart” of campus, and for good reason. The registrar’s office is a central, essential component of the institutional ecosystem, touching students at every phase of the academic journey from applicant to alumni.

College & University Interview with Luisa Havens Gerardo

This month AACRAO's College & University Journal features an interview with Luisa Havens Gerardo, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Virginia Tech, who has served AACRAO as president, vice president for access and equity, chair of the international admissions committee, and member of the nominations committee and the program committee for the Annual Meeting.

Black Caucus Town Hall: Race in America

Today AACRAO leadership sent out the following message, inviting members to join in an important conversation.

Managing Consultant Michele Sandlin Discusses Holistic Admissions on a Panel Hosted by Common App

On Tuesday, May 26th, AACRAO Managing Consultant Michele Sandlin contributed to a discussion with three other co-presenters on non-cognitive variables in the holistic admissions process hosted by Common App.

Dr. Tom Green interviewed by ABC News

Dr. Tom Green, AACRAO's Associate Executive Director, Consulting and SEM, was recently interviewed by ABC News about colleges' and universities' options for holding classes in the fall while navigating the uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

AACRAO staff share stay-at-home survival strategies

AACRAO staff members are just heading into week four of mandatory telework—most of us haven’t been in the D.C. office since March 16—and, like many of you, we’ve learned a lot about coping with new demands from both work and home life amidst an incredibly stressful and uncertain time.

Guidance for recruiters during COVID-19

As higher education institutions scramble to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment for the fall 2020 term and beyond is of great concern. While the shift to online instruction and services went at a breakneck pace, recruiting units, especially those working with high school and transfer populations, are still working to adapt events and interactions that are more personal at this time of the year than at any other. Also, with millions of people now out of work, institutions need to welcome and respond to requests from applicants looking to reskill or retrain for new jobs that may be possible under new social distancing requirements.

Higher Education Lags in Use of Brand Management Techniques to Recruit High School Seniors

In this article, which appears in Volume 7 No. 4 of AACRAO’s SEMQ journal, AACRAO’s Director of Research and consultant Wendy Kilgore, Ph.D., and co-author Gary Orosy, an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Southern Methodist University, explore the ways in which higher education institutions can better attract the students they seek. The authors identify the practices that lead to the highest rates of enrolled students. Universities that utilized a brand-management practice, such establishing a “brand” and being active on social media, are ultimately the most successful, Kilgore found. Click here to explore the entirety of their research.