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AACRAO Publications:  How to Guide on Establishing Holistic Admissions Processes

Holistic Admissions: Predicting the Likelihood of Student Success combines holistic theories with case studies to illustrate the complete picture of holistic admissions. It provides solid examples of how to implement consistent, legal, and manageable assessments to help in selecting successful students.

Holistic admissions: A just solution at a pivotal moment

Higher education is in the midst of a “test-optional revolution,” according to Michele Sandlin, Managing Consultant, AACRAO Consulting. “With the College Board and ACT unable to do college entrance exams due to the pandemic, a huge volume of schools are going test-optional,” Sandlin said. “Some are saying that change will be temporary, but a lot of predictions are that test-optional is here to stay.”

The racist history of standardized testing in college admissions

Admit It, the AACRAO admissions podcast, is back with Season 2. The first episode features Dr. William (Bill) E. Sedlacek and focuses on "noncognitive assessments," a term that is not without controversy. These are non-traditional measures of students' potential to succeed that move away from solely defining "best students" by known scales such as GPA, test scores, leadership, involvement, and accomplishments and instead attempt to assess who students are as people. Many campuses already use a holistic admissions process, which may include gauging a student's positive sense of self, realistic self-appraisal, and more.

AACRAO's Admit It Podcast Features Noncognitive Assessment

In the latest episode of AACRAO's Admit It podcast, host James Miller interviews Dr. William Sedlacek on noncognitive assessment and how it can be used to predict success in higher education. Many institutions have successfully implemented noncognitive assessment as a part of their admissions process. Referred to as holistic or broad-based admissions, this process is a method of identifying and admitting students, beyond evaluation of GPA and test scores, who can thrive at an institution.

Holistic admissions expands options during (and after) COVID

As the world is coping and trying to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities are expanding their current admissions approach by adding holistic measures that present a more “whole” view of who a student is and their ability to succeed. “Holistic admissions” as a term has been around for 20 years, with various definitions as to what additional aspects are being considered in order to provide a more “whole” view of a student.