SEM Readiness Review

Improve your SEM Performance

In the face of shifting demographics and increasing competition, more institutions are seeking to take a strategic approach to long-term enrollment planning. This approach, known as Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM), goes beyond merely reaching enrollment targets, to ensure those goals align with your institution’s mission and vision.

The first step in ensuring your enrollment and institutional goals are aligned is to assess your institution’s SEM readiness. AACRAO Consulting’s SEM Readiness Review is designed to help you start on the path a more strategic — and successful — approach to enrollment management.

Ready, Set, SEM

During your review, we’ll take a close look at your processes, practices and staff deployments that foster and support student enrollment and student success. We’ll also examine your institutional mission and vision, enrollment trends, student satisfaction data, and other areas that intersect with your enrollment practices.

You’ll emerge from your review with an assessment of your SEM readiness as well as recommendations for transitioning toward a more strategic approach to enrollment, by:

  • Ensuring your enrollment services/management offices effectively support enrollment outcomes
  • Improving recruitment, enrollment marketing, and admission practices
  • Offering the most strategic and competitive mix of financial aid and scholarships
  • Enhancing efficiencies and accuracies of your registrar (registration and records)
  • Providing a higher level and quality of academic advising
  • Improving processes for course scheduling
  • Ensuring that enrollment decision making is supported by strong data collection and analysis
  • Structuring staff and responsibilities to better meet enrollment goals
  • Selecting and implementing the right technology solutions

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to begin your SEM Readiness Review and put your institution on the path to more Strategic Enrollment Management.

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Our AACRAO Consultant was fantastic — the best consultant I’ve worked with in my 30 years in higher education. He was professional, honest, knew when to push and when not to, and was effective in getting buy-in for our SEM plan. We trusted his expertise and neutrality; he never tried to push a product, methodology or agenda, but was willing to work with what we already have in place. He consistently worked to identify and recommend what was best for our university, and found solutions that fit us.

Richard Muma, PhD, MPH, PA-C, Provost, Wichita State University