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C&U Journal: Critical Languages and College Choice

Dr. Rodney Parks, University Registrar and Assistant to the Provost, Alexander Taylor, Assistant Registrar for Communications, and Hannah Schulz, a third-year student at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, co-authored an article in AACRAO’s summer 2019 College & University Journal.

A competency-based educational record: What is standard?

Most of the American and Canadian higher education infrastructure is based upon the completion of discrete courses in pursuit of an overall credential (certificate or degree). Curriculum is divided into courses, each carrying specific credits, and courses can be combined into any number of possible credentials.

What research is needed in Enrollment Management?

In the July 2019 issue of Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly, we authored an article titled “Developing the Two-Way Practitioner-Researcher Loop for Enrollment Management.” In this article, we asserted that enrollment management (EM) officers should continue their efforts to use empirical research findings to guide their professional practice as it prevents EM officers from “shooting from the hip” or trial-and-error forms of professional action.

Surveying students to improve onboarding

A state institution serving almost 40,000 students, Utah Valley University enrolls a significant number of new students each year. However, some of their processes were “clunky,” said Andrew Stone, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, and there was a clear need to improve the onboarding experience.

The Gazette: University of Iowa VP warns of 'profound' drop-in student numbers over next decade

In The Gazette’s article, University of Iowa VP warns of 'profound' drop-in student numbers over next decade, the University of Iowa’s Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and AACRAO Senior Consultant, Dr. Brent Gage, discusses the long-term outlook for higher education, which predicts that there will be a large drop in high school graduates nationally by 2029.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: ‘Better, Not Bigger’: As Private Colleges Hunger for Students, One University Slims Down

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s article, ‘Better, Not Bigger’: As Private Colleges Hunger for Students, One University Slims Down focuses on private colleges and their goal to increase enrollment in a time when enrollment numbers are starting to dwindle

How can dual enrollment better serve underrepresented students?

When first introduced, dual enrollment and early-middle college programs were often implemented as a strategy to increase the availability of post-secondary education to under-represented and underserved populations (i.e. students of color and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds). However, in fact, those taking greatest advantage of these programs are overwhelmingly white and from more economically privileged households.

How to do holistic admissions legally, efficiently, and effectively

The new guide on holistic admissions, Understanding Holistic Review in Higher Education Admissions, Guiding Principles and Model Illustration (College Board/Education Counsel), cites AACRAO Consulting’s Michele Sandlin and William Sedlacek on issues around intersectionality of multiple factors, such as character, perseverance, and other noncognitive variables.

"For the Record" episode 1 and "Admit It" episodes 1-3 available for streaming

In the most recent episode of AACRAO's Admit It podcast, James Miller interviews Michael Benitez, University of Puget Sound Chief Diversity Officer and nationally recognized diversity and inclusion expert, on how admissions offices and diversity offices on college campuses can work more closely and effectively together. They discussed such intriguing and intractable questions as:

3-Minute Mentor: How to handle egos and set long-term goals

"3-Minute Mentor" is an occasional Connect column delivering bite-size career advice from higher education leaders, writers, and researchers. If you or someone you know can offer insightful professional development tips, please contact the Connect editor.