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Keeping you ahead of the higher education curve is what we do. That includes providing quick and easy access to critical insight and information you can leverage to make better strategic decisions. Our SEMantics blog shares the latest news about the work our consultants are doing with institutions across the nation and the world, as well as the latest trends and developments that impact you. Read our most recent posts here, or browse through our archive by topic or key word.

AACRAO's Inaugural Transfer Practice Summit

We spoke with Seth Marc Kamen, graduate student and educational consultant, and Katie Schwienteck, Associate Registrar for Transfer Articulation at York College Pennsylvania about their thoughts on the upcoming AACRAO Transfer Summit.

Comprehensive Learner Record to the Rescue! Transforming Student Learning to Skills

Despite the challenges facing learners today, higher education shows its resiliency. The evolving landscape of teaching and learning calls for an explicit connection of coursework and co-curricular activities to skills and employability.

SEM As a Connector: Building Relationships in a New Normal

This article seeks to make the case for how relationships are essential to meeting the tapestry of student needs by examining experiences and challenges of several student threads in that tapestry, using both two-year and four-year institutional perspectives.

Parchment Award CLR Services - Enabling Higher Education Institutions

Parchment, the industry leader in academic credentials management, is launching Parchment Award - CLR Services. This service will enable higher education institutions to design, implement, and issue Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs).

Engaging faculty in SEM

Many researchers have written about strategic enrollment management in the institutional academic context, emphasizing the importance of faculty and staff partnerships in meeting enrollment goals. In a new study, researchers Clayton Smith and Lisa Harris interviewed faculty members and chief enrollment managers at 19 postsecondary institutions about the most effective ways for faculty to be involved in SEM.

AACRAO Publications:  How to Guide on Establishing Holistic Admissions Processes

Holistic Admissions: Predicting the Likelihood of Student Success combines holistic theories with case studies to illustrate the complete picture of holistic admissions. It provides solid examples of how to implement consistent, legal, and manageable assessments to help in selecting successful students.

Publications Release: Higher Education’s Road to Relevance

AACRAO Consultant Dr. Laura Wankel and Susan A. Ambrose’s book, Higher Education’s Road to Relevance was released in summer 2020.

Use data science to nudge students at exactly the right time

Getting students to follow through isn’t easy. Whether applying for financial aid, registering for classes, or paying bills, they can seem frustratingly indifferent to requirements and deadlines. And this truism is only exacerbated by the stresses of the pandemic. So, how can you encourage students to take steps toward their academic goals?

Update on AACRAO’s Strategic Planning process

Deploying the expertise and experience of AACRAO Consulting, the AACRAO Board is in the final stages of a year-long process of developing a new strategic plan. Most recently, consultants Stan Henderson and Tomikia LeGrande spent the summer gathering feedback via focus groups with various AACRAO stakeholders, including AACRAO staff and leadership (i.e. PAC Chairs, Program Committee, task force and committee chairs, caucus chairs, and state & regional leaders), and will report their findings to the Board next week.

Is the SEM Process useful in a time of seismic change?

As higher education professionals, our chief mission is to provide an optimal educational environment. We are enabled to do that if our institution is healthy, a state usually reached when our enrollment meets our expectations. Thanks to the pandemic, our status and our expectations are now a matter of new and uneasy speculation.