International Enrollment & Services Review

Grow and Support Your International Students

Increasing international student enrollment is an effective way to reach targets while enhancing campus diversity. As colleges and universities continue to place a priority on growing their international student enrollments, they’re facing challenges in the process. Significant among these challenges are developing sound recruitment strategies and practices, and providing the cross-departmental support international students need to persist and succeed.

Designed for institutions seeking to expand and improve international student enrollment, our International Enrollment and Services Review is tailored to help you:

  • Improve recruitment and marketing efforts
  • Enhance student success and graduation rates
  • Streamline processes and policies
  • Assist with compliance

Your International Student Strategy

AACRAO Consulting will work closely with you to assess your international student services and identify practical solutions built on best practices to help you:

  • Develop and implement effective recruitment and admissions strategies for international students
  • Improve results from your international student marketing efforts
  • Streamline and increase efficiencies of your admissions process and registrar activities
  • Enhance website content specific to international students
  • Build or improve your international student services office to provide exemplary support to this important segment of your enrollment
  • Support the success of enrolled international students across the institution
  • Comply with current SEVIS regulations
  • Coordinate with government offices with greater efficiency

You’ll emerge from your review with specific, actionable recommendations for improving successful outcomes for international students, from recruitment to matriculation and graduation. We are also available to assist with implementing our recommendations, as well as training your staff to support any new processes or systems put in place.

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your International Enrollment and Services Review and support the success of your international students.

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We chose AACRAO Consulting because they clearly understood our challenges and goals, especially given that we are a Canadian institution with unique needs, and because they are established leaders in Strategic Enrollment Management. They bring so much experience from different institutions, and are aware of the latest trends and best practices. With very little prep time, they were ready to dive right in. They were direct, honest, and provided data-backed evidence for their recommendations. The difference after we implemented their plan was like night and day.

Kathryn Verkerk, Associate Registrar of Student Recruitment & Admissions, Simon Fraser University