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AACRAO's Admit It Podcast Features Noncognitive Assessment

In the latest episode of AACRAO's Admit It podcast, host James Miller interviews Dr. William Sedlacek on noncognitive assessment and how it can be used to predict success in higher education. Many institutions have successfully implemented noncognitive assessment as a part of their admissions process. Referred to as holistic or broad-based admissions, this process is a method of identifying and admitting students, beyond evaluation of GPA and test scores, who can thrive at an institution.

Admissions processing accountability after Operation Varsity Blues

The Operation Varsity Blues criminal conspiracy, as nicknamed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), has overwhelmed higher education admissions offices for the past seven months since it broke in March of 2019. This scandal has been frustrating for the admissions offices because even though the transgressions were not perpetrated by their offices or staff, it has been labeled an admissions scandal.

The path to becoming a Chief Admissions Officer -- and beyond

Over the last three years, AACRAO Research has published updated career profiles of three of the most common professions of our members -- Registrars (2018), Chief Enrollment Management Officers (CEMO) (2017), and Chief Admissions Officers (CAO) (2019).

SEM Quarterly: Building Blocks for a Successful Career: My Journey

In AACRAO’s April 2019 issue of SEM Quarterly, AACRAO Senior Consultant Janet Ward writes an article titled: “Building Blocks for a Successful Career: My Journey”. Ward talks about her many experience within the higher education community and the lessons that she has learned.

How to support trans and non-binary students in the admissions and registrar offices

In the second episode of AACRAO's Admit It podcast, host James Miller talks with Dr. Genny Beemyn, Director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts, about the needs of Trans students on campus and in the admissions process.

A better student onboarding process for a competitive marketplace

Montgomery County Community College (MC3) is a two-year college located in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania -- and there are about 75 other colleges and universities in the area.

AACRAO launches admissions podcast

Have you discovered the joy of listening to a great podcast, maybe while you’re cleaning, or driving, or exercising? Like books and films, podcasts come in many flavors -- nonfiction, fiction, educational, history, self-help, professional development, and more. And as with other media, it’s nice to have a handful of reliably excellent titles to choose from depending on your mood and listening context.

University of Oregon offers first-in-nation virtual campus experience

Traditionally, the campus tour is a powerful recruitment tool -- especially for institutions with unique and beautiful campuses, such as the University of Oregon in the scenic Willamette Valley in Eugene, OR.

8 tips for managing change

​At the AACRAO SEM Conference on Monday, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College’s Vice Provost of Enrollment Management Diane Walleser, along with colleagues from the admissions, registration and financial aid departments, presented a session on “Managing the Messy Middle of Change.”