High Marks from Higher Education

Our experience with AACRAO Consulting has been excellent. Our consultants were  knowledgeable, professional, and collegial. As an institution of higher learning that believes in  the value of expertise, we recognized the value of bringing in AACRAO Consulting’s experts in Strategic Enrollment Management. They’ve helped us understand the barriers to our enrollment, and more importantly, created a framework we didn’t have to overcome those barriers. The knowledge they imparted to us has stuck. And it’s also worked.

Terry Brown

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, State University of New York at Fredonia

We chose AACRAO Consulting because they clearly understood our challenges and goals, especially given that we are a Canadian institution with unique needs, and because they are established leaders in Strategic Enrollment Management. They bring so much experience from different institutions, and are aware of the latest trends and best practices. With very little prep time, they were ready to dive right in. They were direct, honest, and provided data-backed evidence for their recommendations. The difference after we implemented their plan was like night and day.

Kathryn Verkerk

Associate Registrar of Student Recruitment & Admissions, Simon Fraser University

We were trying to look at our recruitment efforts with blinders on. Bringing in AACRAO Consulting allowed us to get an outside, expert perspective that was unclouded and unbiased. I was taken aback and ecstatic that they sent us their top SEM leaders. Their recommendations were right on target. Our approach before AACRAO Consulting had been inefficient, labor-intensive, and error-prone — all of which impacted our ability to reach and respond to prospective students and applicants. AACRAO Consulting mapped out a way for us to update our antiquated processes and systems. They did a wonderful job. I could not have asked for better consultants.

Rick Edgington

Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management & Registrar, Northern Oklahoma College

We received a number of responses from our RFP, but most use the same type of survey approach. It was clear from the start that AACRAO Consulting did not take a cookie-cutter approach to our challenges and goals. They really spent the time during the RFP and interview process to understand what we wanted rather than just telling us what we need. They also worked closely with staff and leadership from our Student Life and Academics Departments to create a customized SEM plan just for us. They provided us with detailed recommendations that we’ve actually put into place, rather than just putting them on a bookshelf. AACRAO Consulting assembled a top-notch team that was perfectly matched to our institution and needs. I couldn’t rave about them more.

Chris Lucier

Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Delaware

AACRAO Consultants bring a natural talent, skill and communication style that elicit trust. It’s obvious they know what they’re talking about. They helped us identify many gaps in our recruitment, admissions and yield processes in a way that was both respectful and straight-forward. The recommendations they provided were practical and implementable, which kept our staff from feeling overwhelmed.

Mary Keenan

Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Our experience working with AACRAO Consulting was great. There was some doubt with faculty and staff that a more holistic approach to admissions would generate results, but after the first admissions cycle since implementation we’ve seen results that tell us it does work. Non-cognitive admissions is a fairly new area, and AACRAO Consulting is leading the charge in this field. They helped walk us through the process step by step. They’re credible, timely, responsive, and very cost-effective. And it’s obvious they’re in this for all the right reasons — not to sell a product, but because they genuinely want to make our institution better.

Maggie J. Winnicki, MPH

Director of Student Services & Academic & Student Affairs, University of Nebraska Medical Center

One of the big plusses of working with AACRAO Consulting is that their people have extensive experience in the field. They are seasoned professionals who have been in my shoes, and know how to work with culture and change in the real-world operation of an institution. They also understand the need for recommendations to be actionable. I appreciated their ability to dissect the situation, get right to the meat of the issue, and prioritize implementation. Their insight and guidance proved invaluable in helping us manage change. I couldn’t have asked for more empathic and professional consultants.

Luisa Havens Gerardo, PhD

Vice Provost, Enrollment Management, Virginia Tech University

I appreciate the experience, tact, diplomacy and empathy that AACRAO Consulting brought to our engagement. Sometimes consultants come in and just focus on everything the staff is doing wrong. AACRAO Consulting was different. They understood and recognized the challenges our Registrar’s Office staff were facing, and knew they needed the support, training and authority to do their jobs better. Both engagements with AACRAO Consulting were a game-changer for WPI.

Kristin Tichenor

Senior Vice President of Enrollment & Institutional Strategy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Our AACRAO Consultant was fantastic — the best consultant I’ve worked with in my 30 years in higher education. He was professional, honest, knew when to push and when not to, and was effective in getting buy-in for our SEM plan. We trusted his expertise and neutrality; he never tried to push a product, methodology or agenda, but was willing to work with what we already have in place. He consistently worked to identify and recommend what was best for our university, and found solutions that fit us.

Richard Muma, PhD, MPH, PA-C

Provost, Wichita State University