Electronic Records & Automation Review

Capturing the Advantages of Automation

In the race toward paperless records, today’s colleges and universities struggle to manage growing pains along with evolving technology requirements. To remain agile, adaptable and responsive to students’ needs, institutions are embracing electronic data exchange solutions while automating their records processes. This transition often comes with significant challenges.

AACRAO Consulting’s in-depth Electronic Records and Automation Review helps you capture the advantages of automation and overcome its challenges. We’ll work with you to identify technology gaps as well as a clear path to fully electronic, automated record management processes. This in turn improves response times, student satisfaction and savings.

Your Path to Electronic Efficiencies

As part of your review, we’ll examine and assess your current processes for managing student records as well as requests for them. Based on our findings, we’ll help you develop and implement a plan for leveraging automated processes and electronic records to:

  • Acquire, store and maintain student records with greater efficiencies and accuracies
  • Eliminate the redundancies and inaccuracies associated with paper-based processes
  • Improve access to electronic records for students and campus constituents
  • Respond more quickly to record requests from students, employees, and other institutions
  • Simplify and improve the way you share and secure students’ records, including incoming and outgoing transcripts
  • Take advantage of technology like eTranscripts to save time and costs
  • Improve student services and satisfaction

Contact AACRAO Consulting today to schedule your Electronic Records and Automation Review and make your move to automated efficiencies.

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One of the big plusses of working with AACRAO Consulting is that their people have extensive experience in the field. They are seasoned professionals who have been in my shoes, and know how to work with culture and change in the real-world operation of an institution. They also understand the need for recommendations to be actionable. I appreciated their ability to dissect the situation, get right to the meat of the issue, and prioritize implementation. Their insight and guidance proved invaluable in helping us manage change. I couldn’t have asked for more empathic and professional consultants.

Luisa Havens Gerardo, PhD, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management, Virginia Tech University