2017 AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference

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Join Us in New Orleans
A growing emphasis on student success and outcomes has many implications, especially as institutions attempt to recruit and retain diverse, knowledgeable, and mobile populations. For many institutions, creating a transfer-friendly environment is a key strategy as students continue to transfer at higher rates. In addition, the use of technology is integral to enrollment strategy, and the activities of the registrar, admissions, orientation, and retention staff are often the critical difference between institutional success and failure.  

With this in mind, we invite you to join the ongoing conversation at AACRAO’s Technology & Transfer Conference in New Orleans. The sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities at the meeting will help you develop and refine your own programs, policies, and initiatives and inspire others on your campus to make a real difference in the success of your students. 

One Meeting, Two Programs
Both Technology and Transfer offer their own independent programming; however, they will share plenary speakers, refreshment breaks, social events, and the exhibit hall. As a registered attendee, you may attend any sessions of your choosing.  Last year, many attendees took advantage of this opportunity, and many schools sent institutional teams to “divide and conquer” the sessions. Learn more...

Don't Miss our Exciting Keynote Speakers

Opening Plenary
Dr. Darla M. Cooper, Director of Research and Evaluation for the Research and Planning Group (The RP Group) for the California Community Colleges 
Dr. Cooper will provide an overview of the Student Support (Re)defined project, which aimed to understand how community colleges can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students, with a particular focus on African-American and Latino learners.

Monday Plenary
Scott Berinato, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review

Scott Berinato, author of Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations, will discuss the competitive imperative, provide a fundamental framework for understanding what makes a good chart, and walk through several examples of how to turn ordinary, prosaic charts that show data into great visuals that communicate ideas.


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