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Learner Record Index (LRI)

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Digitally linking learner records and credentials will enable efficient, secure, and convenient educational data management across the entire ecosystem of education service providers. Join our conversation on why a national Learner Record Index (LRI) is critical for supporting higher education today and in the future, potential approaches to development and adoption, your role in this important undertaking, and next steps.


Tom Black, University Registrar and Assistant Vice Provost, Johns Hopkins University

Doug Falk, Chief Information Officer, National Student Clearinghouse

Melanie Gottlieb, Deputy Director, AACRAO

Robert Huffman, Executive Director of Information Technology, Paradigm, Inc.

Roberta Hyland, Chief Data Officer, National Student Clearinghouse

Christopher Jackson, CEO, Paradigm, Inc.

Mark McConahay, VP of IT, AACRAO & Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, Indiana University

Shelby Stanfield, Director of Service Innovation Networks, National Student Clearinghouse (moderator)

Rick Torres, President and CEO, National Student Clearinghouse

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Sunday, March 31
1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
Session ID: 6353